History - Robert McKeown Company, Inc.

Bob McKeown founded Robert McKeown Company, Inc. in the spring of 1937. Before starting his own company, Mr. McKeown had been a salesman selling industrial electrical paints and varnishes, in addition to electrical insulating materials, to electrical manufacturers, repair shops and distributors.

As a regional supplier to the electrical coil industries, our customers included electric motor manufacturers and electric apparatus repair facilities. The company did not change markedly until after World War II. We became a Dow Silicone® distributor in 1947. That allowed the Robert McKeown Company to enter into newer, higher temperature designs of electrical equipment. In 1959, the company became a Raychem® distributor. With their technology our customer base opened to electronics and avionics. Since the sixties the company generally moved toward electronics and away from electrical applications.

In 1965, Dawson McKeown, the son of Bob McKeown, joined the company. In 1970 he purchased the company from his father and has served as President since that time. In 1982, Dawson’s wife Mary joined the company. Since 1986 she has served as the Government Contract Specialist and is also an officer of the company.

We began our web fabricating operation in 1974. We started our rotary die cutting operation in 1982 and in 1985 began our “clicker” die cutting operation.

In October of 1986 we moved to our Branchburg facility.
It is here that you will find us working hard to meet our customer's
Branchburg Facility

Today we are focused on electronic and avionics applications. Our customer base consists of “high technology” manufacturers in the commercial and military markets.

There have been many changes…additions to our product lines…new directions in our market targets, since 1937. Through the years what has not changed is the character of the McKeown personnel. We are most proud of the personalized service we are able to offer our customers.

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