Healthcare & Medical Devices Industry

EMI shielding materials are a vital component to protect various electronic devices, including precision medical devices used in the healthcare industry. At Robert McKeown, we offer multiple solutions to protect medical devices from malfunction and damage.

Medical Applications Our Products Are Used In

EMI Gasket and Shielding Tape

Electromagnetic interference, EMI, is a disturbance from an external source that impacts sensitive electronics and can damage precision medical device components. EMI shielding materials block and absorb strong external signals, preventing them from interfering with surrounding electronics.

Wireless devices such as smartphones and laptops can emit EMI, affecting any nearby medical device with onboard electronics. EMI shielding materials are critical in the medical device industry to protect pacemakers, life-support systems, monitoring devices, and other essential medical equipment.

Chemical Resistant Adhesive

Chemical resistant adhesives are designed to remain effective when exposed to harsh chemicals and environments, including acids, alcohol, and fuel. They can also provide resistance against solvents, sterilization processes, and water.

Silicone Foam Tapes

Silicone foam tapes are available in several thicknesses, are typically white, and utilize medical-grade adhesives safe for direct skin contact. Silicone foam tapes are used in applications that require the attachment of mounting electrodes, grounding pads, and other devices to the patient’s skin. These tapes create a strong, reliable bond that is resistant to humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Liquid Silicone Rubber

Liquid silicone rubber is a unique plastic available in several formulations. Unlike other plastics that are solid at room temperature and soften when heated, liquid silicone remains in a liquid form at room temperature and cures and hardens when exposed to heat. The rubber remains stable over a range of temperatures and resistant to most chemicals, enabling medical device components to be sterilized with heat, radiation, and chemicals.

Medical Devices in the Healthcare Industry

Our products are critical to the performance of a variety of medical devices, including the following.


Advances in the medical device industry have led to an increased number of implantable devices that contain sensitive electronics. Pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators often have sensors that monitor and record heartbeats, processors that determine the appropriate action or therapy, and electronic circuitry to correct heart problems with electrical impulses or shocks. EMI shielding materials are critical to prevent interference in these devices, which can damage the implant, produce erroneous results, and, in some instances, expose patients to unnecessary shocks and treatments.

Wearable Devices for Monitoring

Wearable devices for monitoring are innovative solutions for preventing diseases and maintaining good health. These devices collect data and are used for patient management and disease management. They have proven effective at monitoring critical data such as physical activity and weight management. Wearable devices provide patient data that can directly impact clinical decisions and reduce healthcare costs by enabling patient care to take place outside a clinical or hospital setting.

Imaging & Diagnostic Devices

EMI shielding materials provide protection from interference for imaging and diagnostic devices. Outside interference can cause these precision medical devices to malfunction or produce images that are distorted. EMI shielding materials are found in X-ray machines, MRI rooms, ultrasounds, and all other imaging devices.

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Advancements in medical devices containing sensitive onboard electronics have dramatically changed the field of healthcare. While these advancements have improved the industry in many ways, they must often operate under harsh conditions and are susceptible to damage from outside sources.

At Robert McKeown, we specialize in providing high-quality materials used in the electronic assembly of medical device components. To learn more about the products we offer or to request a quote for your application, contact us today.