Value Added Services

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At Robert McKeown Company, Inc. we can implement a number of custom services to assist you such as:

Custom Pre-Forms of Electrically Conductive Epoxy Films »

Our electrically conductive epoxy film products can be custom formed to meet the needs of nearly any project. With many different strengths, thicknesses, and conductivity ratings available, we are confident in our ability to match your specifications. Contact us today to learn more!

Rewind & Lathe Slitting of Tapes, Foils, Films, & Laminates »

Both rewind and lathe slitting are effective means of creating products that match the widths you require. Our team will help you select the perfect material and slitting process to lead to a successful project. Each job is completed with great attention to detail to ensure the consistency of the final product.

Rotary Die Cutting of Custom & Standard Electronic Component Assembly Parts »

To enjoy both cost savings and short turnaround times, consider using rotary die cutting service from McKeown. With a quick production process and reduced waste, there is a lot to like about rotary die cutting. Our experienced team will ensure your job is done right the first time.

Laminating and Embossing Custom & Standard Materials »

When your next project calls for the professional laminating or embossing of a specific material, McKeown is the perfect team for the job. We are experience in both the laminating and embossing processes, meaning you can expect quality results time after time.

Clicker Steel Rule Die Cutting Specializing in Short Run Quick Turnaround »

For jobs that require an immediate turnaround without any sacrifice of quality, Clicker steel rule die cutting is a perfect choice. We can offer tight tolerances and consistent sizes with Clicker cutting, and products can be delivered to you on short notice. Contact the team at McKeown today to learn more about this service.

Kapton Solder Masking Dots & Conformal Coating Masking Dots »

To protect delicate solder from potentially damaging heat, Kapton masking dots are a great choice. We can help you employ these useful dots perfectly to protect the crucial parts of any electrical circuit. If your next project calls for the use of Kapton dots, make sure you call on the McKeown team for assistance.

EMI/ESD Shields » »

To keep all of your circuits running correctly, and safely, EMI/ESD shields may need to be employed. Talk to the team here at McKeown to learn more about how EMI and ESD shields can help your project be completed successfully.

Powder Coating & Painting Masking Dots »

Powder coating and painting is often necessary to complete a project, but some areas of your parts will need to be protected. Our powder coating and painting masking dots can do the job beautifully. With the part properly masked using these dots, you can apply powder coat or paint with confidence.

Thermal Interface Adhesive Parts »

Getting rid of heat is a serious job, and thermal interface adhesive parts are adept at doing just that. We can customize the size and shape of these parts to easily meet your requirement. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

Spliced/Vulcanized EMI O-Rings and Door Frames »

If a traditional O-ring is not going to fit the bill for your project, consider creating a spliced/vulcanized EMI O-ring or door frame with the help of McKeown. These products can save you both time and money over traditional custom O-rings, while still getting the job done.

Custom Thermal Interface Molded Parts »

Our custom thermal interface molded parts are often the perfect solution when heat needs to be removed from a circuit. Fill up the open spaces within an electrical product with the perfect material to dissipate heat successfully. Contact us today to learn more.

RFI Absorbing Materials »

Allowing radio frequency electromagnetic radiation to travel between two circuits can lead to big trouble, so RFI absorbing materials an important part of many electrical jobs. Gaskets and seals made from RFI absorbing materials can be the perfect solution to allow each circuit to operate correctly.

Proprietary Material Development »

If none of the materials currently on the market are the right fit for your upcoming project, contact McKeown to work toward a proprietary solution. Our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to develop a product that will perfectly match your requirements.