Kapton Masking Dots for Solder and Coating

Whenever you are working with an electrical product, heat is always a major consideration. The management of heat is crucial to the production of things like circuit boards and other electrical devices, so the overall success of your project can be determined by how well you manage heat.

One way to protect solder and other vulnerable points is through the use of Kapton Solder Masking Dots. These ‘dots’ are able to withstand temperatures up to 400º F on a regular basis, and can even provide thermal protection up to 700º F for a short period of time.

When you work with McKeown, we will help you plan on the use of this valuable product to help protect the condition of your electrical board. As these dots are adhesive, they are easy to apply and can be used in a variety of applications based on your needs.


In addition to protection against heat, the Kapton Dots can also protect against certain chemicals, which may be an important quality depending on the final application that you have in mind. Again, this is where the experience and knowledge of the team at McKeown comes in handy.

Rather than having to make the important decisions regarding the use of chemical and thermal insulation on your own, you can speak with our team to determine the best course of action. We are committed to working hard to ensure that the final outcome of your project is exactly as expected.

Thank you for taking the time to visit McKeown. If you have any questions about the use of Kapton Solder Masking Dots, of if you would like to get started on a project, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.