Clicker Steel Rule Die Cutting Specializing in Short Run Quick Turnaround

Sometimes, in business, demand for products arise that could not have been expected in advance. If you have an emergency requirement for a specific die cut product, McKeown will be happy to help.

We employ the use of Clicker Steel Rule die cutting machines to allow us to meet your quick turnaround requirements. The exact turnaround times that we can offer will depend on the specifics of the job, but you can count on our team to deliver the finished product to you as quickly as possible.

Of course, a quick turnaround time does you no good if the product is cut incorrectly or the tolerances are off. The custom work by McKeown will never be compromised by our desire to get the job done quickly – all work that we offer lives up to a high expectation of quality, even when it is being turned around in a hurry.


We use a Clicker Steel Rule die cutting machine because it allows us to best meet the needs of our customers. With this machine, we can cut products at a rapid pace without sacrificing the quality of those cuts. The machine provides us with great depth control over the cuts, along with a flat die cutting area on which to work.

Most importantly, the machine is able to produce the same product over and over again with tremendous consistency, which might be the most important feature of all when it comes to die cutting.

When time is of the essence, the choice is easy – call McKeown right away to get the job done. Thanks to the power of these machines and our experience in this field, we can match the needs of your order quickly and correctly. Give us a call right away to discuss your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!