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Henkel Adhesives specializes in the creation and distribution of adhesive products for a wide range of markets including electronics manufacturing, industrial equipment, metal processing, packaging and paper and industrial assembly. Their complete portfolio is supported by a fantastic research and development team with a strong understanding of the need for innovation and technological advancements.


To streamline their products’ presence, Henkel Adhesives’ range is now consolidated into six main brands – Loctite, Bonderite, Technomelt, Teroson, Aquence plus Emerson & Cuming– Each brand offers a unique variety of products that serve a specific niche of industries and applications.


Loctite is a household name, and its products are used for a myriad of purposes including industrial and DIY. This high-performance range of adhesives uses the latest technologies and compounds to ensure a bond that will last. Particular Loctite products include Loctite SF 7900 which is a ceramic based protective adhesive that improves MIG welding processes, Loctite 55 which is used for the locking and joining of metal pipes and fittings, and Loctite 4090 which is a high-strength adhesive that can withstand vibration and high levels of pressure.


Emerson & Cuming is a leading producer and distributor of microwave absorbing materials, dielectrics, and conductive shield materials. For over five decades, Emerson & Cuming brand materials have enabled numerous technology applications through a diverse and robust product portfolio that includes high performance chip-on-board (COB) encapsulants, conductive adhesives, display sealants, electrically conductive films, printed circuit board (PCB) protection materials, underfills and a wide range of thermal management products.

Today, Emerson & Cuming has become part of the Henkel family and brings a whole host of experience, new products, and innovations to this ever-expanding corporation. With quality and reliability as the foundation of every formulation, Emerson & Cuming materials from Henkel are an integral part of manufacturing operations around the globe, serving customers in markets that include automotive, consumer, digital printing, displays, handheld communications, industrial electronics and RFID, among others.


Recognized worldwide as the top brand for adhesives and films for semiconductor packaging and micro-assembly applications, Ablestik products are the preferred choice of top packaging firms worldwide.

Our broad range of materials includes conductive and non-conductive adhesives, electrically conductive and insulating films, thermally conductive films, wafer-level underfills and die attach pastes and films. Used in numerous applications within several market segments, Ablestik materials provide cost-effective solutions for today’s most demanding packaging requirements.


Henkel’s diverse portfolio of adhesive and sealant solutions, formerly known as Eccobond, includes advanced materials technologies to address today’s most demanding applications. From electrically conductive and non-conductive paste adhesives through to thermally conductive dielectric materials, Henkel’s product line affords maximum performance and cost-efficiency.


Ensuring that electronics products function as they are designed to is just one piece of the materials solution Henkel delivers. Protecting printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies from thermal cycling and adverse environmental conditions is the other critical component for product durability and reliability.

Under the leading Hysol and Stycast brands, Henkel offers several PcB protection products to minimize external product stress and maximize performance. our portfolio of conformal coatings keeps moisture, humidity and other adverse conditions from deteriorating printed circuit boards used in harsh marine, automotive, aerospace and consumer electronics applications. Henkel also strives to keep environmental consciousness at the forefront of all our product development efforts, which is why we have moved toward solvent-free, low-Voc materials and processes.


When it comes to advances in semiconductor packaging technologies and mold compounds, Henkel’s Hysol line of products is state-of-the-art.

Built on years of formulation expertise, the Hysol portfolio delivers the leading-edge performance one would expect from such a well-respected brand. With solutions for modern semiconductor packaging and assembly applications, Hysol brand products offer customers choice, flexibility and cost-effectiveness for modern processes.

The Hysol line of products also complies with the latest environmental legislation, delivering “Green” and lead-free compatible materials as the industry continues to embrace more environmentally-friendly manufacturing


The Technomelt series of products are hot melt adhesives that are perfectly suited as an accompaniment in various production processes. This range of products enables more advanced methods of production and allows innovation to thrive. Industries that benefit from Technomelt products include aerospace, defense, automotive, electrical, packaging, and pressure sensitive products.

Particular Technomelt products include the PA 657 Black which is a polyamide hot melt adhesive that offers high-temperature resistance, the PUR 4663 which is a reactive hot melt adhesive used for panel bonding, and the PS 8707 which is used in pressured environments that contain synthetic rubbers.


Macromelt® is a robust, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional potting and injection molding encapsulation techniques. The simplicity of these materials is their advantage: because the entire Macromelt operation takes place at low pressure, cycle time is short and fine or fragile circuitry is not damaged. The polyamide hot melt material quickly encapsulates exposed circuitry to form the outer shell of the device, thus delivering a self-contained integrated assembly.

The process is fast, simple, cost-effective and perfect for delicate circuitry as the application pressure within the mold cavity is an incredibly low 20 to 500psi. PCB and circuitry protection is essential in modern, challenging applications; and Macromelt delivers manufacturers a proven, reliable solution.


For decades, Multicore has been the brand assembly specialists trust for all of their soldering requirements. Through leading-edge development, backed by the expertise of the industry’s premiere chemists and engineering experts, Multicore solder materials continue to lead the way for next-generation manufacturing.

With an award-winning lead-free materials portfolio, a robust halogen-free product line and multiple formulations that enable more efficient processes, Multicore brand materials are tops not only in performance, but in sustainability as well.

The Multicore portfolio includes market-leading lead-free solder pastes, tin-lead paste formulations for traditional and crossover manufacturing, flux solutions for dual wave and lead-free processes, cored solder wire, solid solder wire and a host of products for delicate hand soldering and re-work operations.


For electronics assembly firms seeking the ultimate in product performance and supply chain efficiency, Henkel is the solution. They have researched, analyzed, designed and formulated the most comprehensive range of advanced assembly materials available. To learn more about Henkel’s high performance adhesives, contact one of our representatives today!


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