EMI/ESD Shields

EMI and ESD shields are a necessary part of many electrical circuits. Without these shields, the electrical circuits may not be able to function safely in the manner in which they were designed.

At McKeown, we fully understand how to use both EMI and ESD shields to create better overall products for our customers. Although EMI and ESD shields are used for different reasons, the general purpose is the same – to protect the electrical circuit sufficiently so it can continue to do its job properly.


ESD stands for electrostatic discharge, and shields in this area are used to limit electric current flowing to an object with different electrical potential. If there is excess electrical charge within the circuit, that charge could attempt to find somewhere else to go, if not for the limiting power of the shield. A proper ESD shield will dissipate the electrical charge so that is is removed safely.

Electromagnetic interference, which is represented as EMI, is concerned with electromagnetic radiation. Shielding electromagnetic radiation protects circuits from receiving unwanted signals. Using a barrier of conductive material between the two circuits, it is possible to prevent the electromagnetic interference from becoming a problem. This kind of shielding is applicable in a number of industries, including medical and aerospace.

The correct material to be used as an EMI or ESD shield will depend on a number of project-specific factors. In fact, the overall success of the job is largely dependent on selecting the right material. Trust the team here at McKeown to get that part exactly right.

We have all of the experience necessary to create effective EMI/ESD shields which will protect your electrical circuits properly. Thank you for stopping by our site, and we hope to work with you soon!

EMI & ESD Shielding Products