Electrical Tapes: High Temperature and Insulation Applications

Supporting high technology industries, Robert McKeown Company, Inc. supplies a full line of tape to manufacturers for specialized electronic applications. Our extensive inventory meets the needs of the electronics and avionics manufacturers in commercial and military markets.

These products are engineered for all types of electrical applications. Carrying a wide range of items from leading manufacturers, our product line includes high temperature and electrical insulation tape. These adhesives are widely used in industrial applications from high-voltage lines to electronic circuit board production.

Robert McKeown carries products constructed from a variety of materials and designs. High temperature tapes and films are available in PTFE, glass cloth, polyamide, and composite materials. They can operate in temperatures to +500°F, have chemical resistance, and excellent tensile strength.

For insulating applications, the adhesives are constructed from materials such as cloth, glass, and polyimide to act as a protective insulation material in wire harnesses and high voltage components. No matter what the intended use, we will have a product that meets your needs.


To find the best selection of electrical tape for industrial and commercial applications, look no further than the Robert McKeown Company. Our wide range of products and services meet the needs of the electrical and electronic industries and our experienced customer service representatives are knowledgeable on industry and product requirements.

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