The aerospace industry relies on adhesives for numerous structural applications within an aircraft or its parts, such as filling gaps, bonding components, sealing, stabilizing, or completing repairs. Companies can modify both the viscosity and thickness of these highly versatile adhesives to tailor them to a specific application. Incorporating additives into an adhesive can further enrich its properties and help customize its strength or curing time. Read on to learn more about the beneficial qualities of aerospace structural adhesives and the different types available.

High-Performance Adhesives From Robert McKeown Company

Since 1937, Robert McKeown Company, Inc. has developed a reputation as a reliable resource for high-quality structural adhesives in the aerospace industry and more. Our experience fabricating electronic and engineered materials allows us to provide customized bonding or sealing solutions in-house regardless of your application. Contact us for more information on our products or request a quote today to begin your project.

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