Month: Mar 2023

Benefits of Potting Electronics

To provide electronic components with sufficient protection against an array of hazards, many fabricators use a process called potting. By potting electronics, you better safeguard electronic wiring, parts, and devices from premature failure so as not to compromise electronic systems. Learn more about potting in electronics, how it works, and its benefits and applications.

What Is Potting in Electronics?

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Exploring the Uses of Epoxy Adhesives

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Electronic Assembly Products

Epoxy adhesives are popular binding solutions as they durably join a wide variety of components made of metal, wood, glass, concrete, ceramics, and numerous plastics. To select the right epoxy for your specific project, it helps to understand them and the different types available. Read on to learn about epoxy uses and the advantages these adhesives offer diverse applications.

Epoxy Adhesives Explained

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