Henkel Adhesives Deliver for Wearable Electronics

From smart watches to user interface glasses, wearable electronics are on the edge of technology allowing consumers to take their smart gadgets on the go. As the demand for mobility rises, devices get smaller and the technology to manufacture them continues to advance and evolve. The rigorous demands of wearable electronics are keeping adhesive technology at the forefront of innovation.

Henkel Adhesives Deliver for Wearable Electronics


Wearable electronics demand requires performance and reliability under the most adverse conditions. Exposure to shock, stress, vibration, extreme temperatures, and water/moisture can’t be allowed to affect performance and reliability. In this rapidly growing market where less is more, there is no place for bulky adhesive products on devices where size and limitations are crucial. Manufacturers of wearable technology depend on Henkel for the adhesive solutions they need to take their complex products from the design table to the production line.

Henkel’s award-winning under-fills and encapsulates take the shock hazard out of impact to a device and protect the sensitive electronic circuitry from damage. Henkel’s innovative TECHNOMELT low-pressure molding protects components from extreme temperatures, water, and especially corrosion. A selection of conductive adhesives and inks help shrink printed circuitry in wearable tech to keep them compact.

The Low Pressure Molding Advantage

Consumers demand reliability, consistent performance, and long life in their devices — That’s why the Robert McKeown Company aims to be your number one source for Henkel high-performance products. Together, we can help your devices deliver just that.


As wearable electronic technology gets smaller, the conductive materials connecting electronic circuitry components have to be more efficient to accommodate electrical current running through the reduced conductor surface areas. Reduced surface areas mean decreased adhesive contact to the circuit board substrate. Advanced technology in electrically conductive adhesives and inks satisfy the need for cost-effective manufacturability, component compatibility, and efficiency. Henkel’s high-performance solder pastes improve component connectivity and production efficiency. These solutions provide the end users with the technology they can rely on and afford.


The wearable electronics market exists to provide consumers with technology that has the mobility to perform on the go. Increased mobility in electronics requires enhanced durability while maintaining usability. That means that even under the most challenging conditions such as those presented by running, cycling, hiking, river rafting, and many other recreational activities, wearable technology needs to provide full functionality with supreme value. Dropping a smartphone in a puddle of water or on a rocky mountain trail shouldn’t render the device useless. Nor should dipping a hand in the river on a rafting trip render a smartwatch useless.

Henkel brings some adhesive products to the table that enhances the durability of wearable technology and increases its usability in conditions that are typically not ideal for electronics. With Henkel’s TECHNOMELT low-pressure hot melt, molding manufacturers can surround sensitive circuitry and components with a medium that is waterproof, resistant to chemical splashes, shock absorbing, and protects against corrosion. Henkel teams up with Loctite to provide the highest performing conformal coatings and encapsulates to protect and seal delicate circuitry components against shock and moisture.


Henkel and its partners continue to advance the standard in adhesive coating technology to support the manufacturers with sustainable production solutions and to provide consumers with innovative new products. The future of electronics seems to hold the promise of enhancements in performance and durability as they get smaller and more flexible in use and purpose. It’s evident that adhesive coatings are and will continue to be instrumental to that future.

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