Custom Services For High Tech Electronics Assembly

Robert McKeown Company, Inc. prides itself on providing a myriad of custom assistance services and products such as:

We Specialize in Short-Run and Quick Turn-Around!

X-Y Parts Cutter, Clicker Steel Rule Die Cutting, Rotary Die Cutting of custom and standard Electronic Component Assembly Parts, Epoxy Film Adhesives, Gaskets, Thermal Interface Adhesive Parts, EMI/ESD Shields, Dupont™ Kapton® Solder Masking Dots, Conformal Coating Masking Dots, Powder Coating & Painting Masking Dots as well as Pressure Sensitive adhesive backing for Industrial, Electronics, Aerospace, Mechanical, Mil-Aero and Flat Plastic Parts applications.

X.Y. Laser Converting

The X.Y. laser converting system is one of the top systems available. The continuous and automatic device increases as it goes, removing parts from the sheet with almost no material limitations. This system can increase productivity, with defect-free and tool-free cutting. X.Y. laser converting can also eradicate layout limitations and reduce scrap material costs all while reloading jobs in no time and providing a consistent cut-to-print registration.

X.Y. Laser Converting

Die Cutting

Even though die cutting methods can vary, the process usually includes punching specifically designed dies, which are sharp blades, into the sheet or roll material being used. At Robert McKeown Company, Inc., our proficiency in die cutting allows us to provide our customers with high-quality gaskets for fields anywhere from automotive to medical devices. Our most common products include environmental seals, dust seals, vibration dampers and EMI shielding. For any of your cut parts, send us a drawing at , and we’ll cut to your exact configuration.
Die Cutting

Robert McKeown Company, Inc. will give you the ultimate in prototype support.

We understand the necessity of prototyping and process development for a successful product launch. With our cutting-edge technology, we can provide you with gaskets, prototypes and other samples before a full production. First, discuss with us your application and yearly production volume. Then, we will conduct a material or product needs analysis, assist you in selecting the materials, and discuss your manufacturing process and time frame for the project. We’ll manufacture your prototypes, deliver them to you…and let the manufacturing begin!

Let the Robert McKeown Company help in your production process. Send your drawings to or call 800.631.1125 and ask for engineering support.

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